8 Things Your Trainer Wants to Tell You

I love my job… all of my jobs… from being a wellness coordinator for city employees where I get to coordinate and present wellness programming and individual wellness plans, to being a writer, to personal training clients through my business. In all that I do, I find a lot of fulfillment and inspiration to help others. I feel very blessed to do the work I get to do. But I too have days that I wish I could say some things that I wish people would consider.

1. I cannot make you healthy. Only YOU can make you healthy, I can offer you education, support, coaching, nagging if you need it, but if you are not committed to taking the necessary steps to be fit, I am not magic and being with you one or two days a week will not get you to your goals if the rubber doesn’t hit the road when you are not in front of me.

2. I get stood-up more than most people. If you are truly sick, stuck on the side of the road, or have a family emergency, I understand. Things happen to all of us. But if you consistently cancel, especially 20 minutes before your appointment, yes, I am already on my way and yes, I scheduled my day around when I was supposed to meet with you and the several other people I have meetings with most days.

3. I am not awake 24 hours a day. Don’t text me at midnight to read your food log.

4. You called me… don’t be angry when I make you do the things that you asked me to make you do.

5. If you aren’t going to change poor eating habits, you are not going to be fit and healthy. 80% of your results that you see in the gym are brought to the surface in the kitchen. Eat clean. If you don’t eat clean, you aren’t fooling anyone. If you are eating clean (really) and still are not seeing any results, you may need to kick up your cardio training. If that doesn’t do the trick, you may need to talk to your doctor.

6. If you drink beer, you will have a beer belly. That’s fine, that’s your choice, but then don’t complain about it.

7. Yes, you CAN do it… whether it is eating clean, eating a few vegan meals per week, getting out to walk. You can do it… you choose not to. I recently did a wellness challenge with city employees that entailed eating a plant-based diet. I had many people tell me that they HAD to have meat to get their protein. My response outwardly is,” OK, that’s your choice.” My response inwardly is, “Oh yeah? How much protein are you eating now? How much do you train? How many grams of protein have you calculated you need to reach your goals? Oh, you have no idea…..”

8. I really do care about your progress and your results. I have never met with a person that I didn’t feel was brought into my life for a reason. I want you to be successful, I want you to feel great and live a long happy life. I hope that our time together will get you to where you need to be and that you will continue with even when I am not around.

Liz Jones is a wellness professional in Rockwall, Mesquite, Wylie and surrounding areas. She is a writer, certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and wellness coach. She holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Management, with a graduate certificate in Ethics and Leadership. Her undergraduate studies included communication, business, writing, art, fitness, and dance. Liz Jones can be reached at: [email protected].

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