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Have you ever wondered?

  • Why do I give into food cravings and unhealthy foods?
  • How can I get off the diet roller coaster?
  • Why do I turn to food in stressful situations?
  • How can I fit healthy meal preparation into my busy life?
  • Why can’t I “eat to live” versus “live to eat”?
  • How can I create more vitality and joy into my life?

If you are sick and tired of trying one diet after another, then this program is for you. Unlike diets which only attempt to solve the symptoms (weight loss) through deprivation, the goal of this program addresses the root of your food challenges, so that you can stop obsessing about food and body image, and live life fully engaged.

This program will help you remove your mental barriers and the stress you feel around food and eating. Start to enjoy life NOW!


An interactive, 12-week mindful eating and

healthy weight management program that will change your relationship with food forever!


You will learn how to:

  • Choose nourishing foods for optimal health, energy, and vitality.
  • Replace unhealthy eating habits with mindful eating practices.
  • Effectively manage emotional and stress-related eating.
  • Break free from restrictive diets that leave you physically and emotionally depleted.
  • Develop stress mastery, relaxation, and self-awareness techniques for mindful living.
  • Cultivate healthy weight management strategies for LIFE!

You don’t need another diet! What you need is a way to change your behavior around food. A way to challenge your current subconscious thinking patterns around food and create new healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Not only do thoughts about food affect your eating habits, but what you eat affects what you crave, how much energy you have, and how you feel. You need to eat in a way that creates the optimal conditions in your body for satiety, energy, inner peace, and balance.

In this program, you will learn how the mind and body affect one another and how you can use this information to your advantage to finally reach and maintain a healthy body weight for life. The struggle stops here!


What You Get:

  • 6 Modules (via a 12-week facilitator-led program)

Beginning Your Journey

Food for Life

One Day at a Time

Conscious Eating 101

Uncover your Strategies

Savor Every Bite and Moment

  • Weekly Emails of Mindful Eating/Healthy Living Tips
  • Interactive Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly “Take Action” activities to put your learning into practice
  • Whole Food Meal Planner and Grocery Guide
  • Focus on Healthy Eating “Food and Mood Journal”
  • Focus on Healthy Eating Recipe eBook
  • Program Certificate of Completion
  • And much more!


Let me know how I can best support you!

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“Your journey to a healthier, more vibrant, and abundant life awaits!”



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